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About Adithya Minerals:

Adithya Minerals is a leader in mineral production, and the company has achieved a pivotal position in the international granite export arena. This vibrant granite company evolved from three sister companies that have been in existence for 25 years–Granito Internationa, Nethramani International, and Aqua Granites. These partner companies export classic black granite from a quarry at Manjini in the world-famous Paithur Range, yellow granite from a quarry at Kinathu Kadavu, rare Raw Silk granite from a quarry at Mellur, and premium-grade quartz from L. N. Patti and Karur quarries.

Due to changes in preferences for types of granite in the international arena and price-cutting of end products by China, there has been a shift in the types of granite preferred by importers from varieties such as Kunnam and Paithur black granite to other varieties. Adithya Minerals has therefore shifted its mining operation to G20 granite from the nearby state of Andhra Pradesh. Our new quarry at Paradarami in Chittoor produces true-type G20 Black Granite, which is currently being exported to Italy, Russia, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Japan.

Adithya Minerals’ mission is to position itself as a blue-chip granite exporting company. In addition to premium-quality rough blocks, we supply monuments, slabs, tiles, countertops, and cut-to-size material. Adithya Minerals can also supply other minerals, such as vermiculite, quartz, feldspar, limestone, and graphite.

The State of Tamil Nadu is widely known for its ancient temples, some dating back to the first century BCE, which were constructed of granite, and which have stood the test of time. The enormous Mahabalipuram Temple at Tanjore is a marvelous example of a granite edifice that has stood the wear and tear of the elements for thousands of years. Adithya Minerals’ goal is to produce and market granite that honors this tradition.


Our Chairman:


Adithya Minerals’ Chairman, Mr. A. N. Dyaneswaran, I.A.S ®, Former Principal Secretary, Government of Tamil Nadu, is well-known in the granite industry of India as one who paved the way for the granite industry of Tamil Nadu. He was solely responsible for making Tamil Nadu Minerals (TAMIN) fully owned by Government of Tamil Nadu. Under his leadership TAMIN became a top-notch public sector company that was widely acclaimed at the world-famous Stone Fair in Carrara, Italy. Under A. N. Dyaneswaran’s supervision, TAMIN bypassed leading granite companies to reach the Rs.100 Crore mark as early as 1996.



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